Monday, March 9, 2009


I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time now. I have found reason after reason to put it off. Basically I am new to the blog world and have been spending what little free time I have searching some wonderful blogs, finding all kinds of inspiration for many details in my life! There are some amazing blogs out there which will satisfy your soul no matter what you are searching for.

I have also been searching.... searching for the right thing to blog about to make my entrance into this amazing world.

I'll start off with a bit about myself. I am mother to 3 wonderful girls. Meadow my eldest is now 20!!! She is a very creative and caring person. She is maturing into a beautiful women. Sierra is 2 & 3/4's and is my how shall we say it... "spirited" child; a handful for sure but always soo much fun. Aayla is my youngest at almost 1 & 1/2. She is such a sweet soul, but now is developing her own little "spirited" personality too. I fear my quiet days are coming to an end for the next 20 years or so!

Starting a family over again was a scary thought at first but soon after Sierra was born I couldn't believe I waited so long to start again. Children are such blessings to us.

My husband Ian is a wonderful man who has stood beside me through thick and thin including my diagnosis with MS in 2002. (No worries... I have been very fortunate to have only one attack and I am a positive person who looks for the good in all things, so I take one day at a time, living life to the fullest, and enjoying each moment of time)

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1990 in both Nova Scotia and now here in BC. I have run a family daycare, worked for other small centres as well as managing a large facility before opening my own centres in 2003. Currently we service over 100 families at our 2 locations when you count all the full time and part time families. Our centres focus on learning through play. Although I believe that ABC's and 123's are important too, we like to focus on the little things, the life skills like manners, sharing, caring, developing friendships and of course building our creative sides, and growing our imaginations.

let's get onto the actual post.... as I said I have been searching for the perfect introductory post to blogdom. So long infact that I decided I just needed to take the plunge and all else would fall into place. My blog will focus on the creation that comes from our imaginations when we give it a chance and on those learning moments that are so important in our childrens, in all childrens lives. I hope that this blog will become a source of inspiration and creation to you and your family; the way so many blogs I have been reading lately are for me and my family. So welcome... Welcome to Imagination Station!

Lately I have been remember the days of years gone by as a child and feeling a deep need to get back to those roots in this ever changing, fast paced world we now live in. Some of my fondest memories are of the hours and hours I spent as a child growing up in Nova Scotia. The days of searching for gnomes and fairies in to the woods, or making little homes for them, or following their tracks in the snow. Of forrest walks, looking for salamanders, and making terraniums; of ice skating on out door ponds, picking May Flowers, and creating treasures with gifts from nature. Of raising baby birds who lost their home with a fallen tree, of planting gardens and picking flowers. Of strolling beaches and collecting agates and sea glass. These are the gifts I want to pass onto my children.

We have always loved the outdoors, and camp when ever we can. Still I feel we need more. I found a great book "Easy Walks and Hikes of SouthWestern British Columbia" published by . I love this book because it is full of hikes which are designated as "stroller friendly" as well as dog friendly. So now each weekend we pick a hike to try and off we go! We have been big on bird watching on our last couple of hikes. Here are some of what we did and saw:Herons, Eagles, Ducks and Hummingbirds were some of the birds we saw
Aayla's little finger got a work out pointing at all the ducks. She just couldn't get enough. In the photos it is my eldest daughter Meadow with Aayla on her shoulders. The other women is my mom. She joins us on most of our walks. Myself, am rarely infront of the camera as I am usually the one behind it :)

I'd like to send you over to a blog which I find very inspiring and which gave us the idea for the next grouping of photos. It's a blog from a very talented lady named Lorilee or mamakopp. She makes the most gorgeous wooden cut outs. I've splurged on a few (these and these too). Go take a look at her shop at etsy and visit her blog ( I hope those links work as I am really just winging it )

Mamakopp blogged about a bird nest supply activity which we tried and then painted a new house for the birdies. Aayla even got in on the action:

With that I am off to bed and finished with my first official post! I hope some it was enjoyable and not just ramblings of an over tired mama :)

Until the next post.... good night, sweet dreams full of inspiration for tomorrows day full of creative ideas from your imagination!


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