Sunday, April 29, 2012

A beautiful wedding...

Do you remember this?
If you missed that post you can go back and read it HERE.

We finally got to see it in action as we celebrated the wedding of Mr and Mrs Jason Hay :)
I snagged this photo off of facebook since I thought there were no photos during the ceremony and have none :(  I did take a few at the reception though.

Jay and Liz had a friend give a simple swing dance lesson to everyone...I conveniently hid behind the camera for this but it was entertaining to watch.
The Groom watching everyone trip over
themselves during the lesson

Ed the MC for the wedding with his brother Keith
who thankfully was my honorary date for the
evening since Ian was so busy with his
Best Man duties and everyone I knew was
at the head table pretty much!

Ian doing much better dancing here then we did together at our wedding...
see there is a reason I am behind the camera...I just can't dance like this.

Heather and Ed concentrating on the dance steps

Yeah we did it!

Andrea and Matt
I know the wedding is supposed to be all about the bride...and she was gorgeous! They did a lot of the work for the wedding themselves and all their hard work really paid off.

I must admit though my favourite part of the whole wedding was watching Jay have his dance with his mom June. It was beautiful in ways words can't describe.

Liz had her dance with her father as well and looked stunning.
Then it was time for the new Mr and Mrs Hay to have their first dance.

A few more photos from the night...
Ed right before he suggested tequila shots :)

Friends of Ron and June

Jay's parents Ron and June

Ian talking with Trina the Maid of Honour

Ron and Ian looking dapper in their kilts

Liz enjoying a good dance

Jay and Ian...brothers from different mothers :)
We had an amazing time at the wedding. They looked so beautiful and the reception was really a lot of fun! Congratulations to you both!!! We are so happy we could be here to share it with you and wish you many years of happiness together.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our first days in Ontario

Well we made it to Ontario :)

If you'd like to read about what we've been up to please see this post

Here's a sneak peak...

We've been having fun on a little hill...who would have thought one little hill could provide so much fun :)

I need to ask a favour...I'm debating how to handle these two blogs now...perhaps I should leave this one just for crafts and have everything else posted on the other blog. Or should I cancel one and amalgamate them? I hate sending you to read a different post but I also hate writing double posts for those that follow both blogs. What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment or send me off an email. Thank you in advance for your help...I do appreciate your thoughts.