Friday, May 22, 2015

it's been awhile...

I'm so far behind it isn't even funny. My camera messed up while we were on vacation in September and I got so upset, I dropped off of the blog, instagram and facebook worlds. It's time to get back to business though and gradually get caught up on past posts of our adventures as I do want them documented.

I'll start with our first trip of the year to Copeland Forest this week...mainly pictures but we had a great time as always.

Aayla enjoying a little break in the Copeland forest
The girls heading down one of the many trails in Copeland Forest

There were many dragonflies buzzing around despite the breeze.

The Marsh Marigolds were in full bloom.

Sierra having a little rest on the tracks
One of me taken by Aayla...isn't wind blown hiking hair so pretty lol

 Last year we found salamander eggs all around the vernal pools and rescued them and put them back in the water so they didn't dry out and die. Again this year we did the same. However this year we didn't find any salamanders (HERE's a link to our post where we found the newts last year and HERE is where we played with frogs and helped the salamander eggs)
Salamander eggs

Close up of the salamander eggs

Aayla rescuing some more salamander eggs

Sierra trying to catch a frog

Polliwogs galore

There is something so beautiful about ferns...

Trillium's and ferns

I wonder if he's a prince?
 Aayla found this little patch of violets and thought they were so beautiful.
Aayla and her violet patch

 Finally she catches a frog. We observe him for awhile and let him go.
Sierra and her frog prince

Crazy looking spider and her egg sac

We even found a little wood frog. A great first visit of the year to Copeland Forest. We will be back again for sure.
Aayla examines a wood frog