Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Colourful Thanksgiving Turkey

By accident today we created a cute turkey for Thanksgiving.
Suncatcher Turkey on our dirty windows from
pressure washing before painting...oops!
Should have washed the windows ;)
Sierra came home from school and wanted to use the hot plate so we melted some crayons today. To do this we used an old hot plate we purchased from Value Village. Then we place a piece of wax paper over the hot plate and had fun watching the crayons melt as you carefully rub the crayons (remove the wrapper) all over the waxed paper.

(Please becareful! Fingers can get burnt on the hotplate. Some newer plates come with temperature controls but our older one doesn't so you always have to supervise this activity!)

After the crayons are melted and your wax paper is covered set it aside to cool where it can lie flat. While waiting for it to cool cut out a big oval from construction paper and then cut out the centre from your oval.

Sierra then glued the oval on top of the melted crayon wax paper piece and then turned it over, and glued on some feathers.

Proud of her colour choices :) Might be time for another bang trim!!!

Sierra had no intertest in trying to draw the turkey head or feet so I had to :( but all together it turned out pretty cute.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fellow Canadians this weekend!
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