Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Birthday and a Thanksgiving Day Walk to Lynn Valley

Happy birthday to our sweet Aayla. She turned 4 today but we had her party yesterday.
Meadow made a cute little tea pot cake and tea cup cupcakes for the party. Aayla got a vintage tea set.
Everyone painted tea cups as the party craft...except poor Maja...boy she wanted too though :)

Tea cup painting

Aayla dancing in her new tutu Sissy Meadow made her
All in all Aayla had a fantastic 4th tea party birthday!!! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Today we headed to Lynn Valley for a nice Thanksgiving Day walk.
The view from the suspension bridge

Grammy Sue and Sierra crossing the bridge

Aayla and daddy sneaking past Sissy Meadow and Andrew as they take in the view

Aayla loved the way the bridge swayed

Sierra always finds the perfect
stumps to play in

Little Bitty mushrooms

Slug lunch

Aayla slides downnnnnn

"Ta Da" says Aayla for the first time

Grammy Sue and Aayla admiring the river

Are we there yet???

Sierra beats us to the top and finds a great place to rest

A wonderful thanksgiving day home we go to cook a turkey dinner!


  1. Looks like a fun birthday!

    I remember walking over that suspension bridge. It is so nice to see that view again. Thanks for sharing. I also really love the photo of those ghostly mushrooms clinging to that tree.

  2. This walk/hike is absolutely gorgeous. Your photos capture such beautiful life! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Thank you both! It's a beautiful area for sure! Lovely walk and always lots of mushrooms to snap :)


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