Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scrap felt=Halloween Pumpkin Heads

Looking for a Halloween idea to use up some of your scrap felt pieces? Here's a simple and fun spin on Mr Potatoe Head... Mr Pumpkin Heads. Simple to make and hours of fun to use!

Using your scrap felt peices

Cut out various shapes for eyes, mouth and noses (you could also let older kids make their own).
Meadow adding some fabric paint accents to the
felt face pieces. Note Aayla in the background
making a felt hat and decorating her shoe ;)

Aayla proud of her shoe decorating and her felt hat

After assembling all of your felt face pieces, stick a velcro dot (rough side with barbs so the felt will stick to it) onto a pumpkin. You could use a real pumpkin but we chose to use a fake pumpkin so we could use it longer without it spoiling (If you have trouble with your velcro pieces sticking to the real pumpkin, you can tack it on by hammering it onto the pumpkin with a small nail).

Allow your children to attach the faces over and over again making new faces every time!

Sierra thinks her pumpkin is too hilarious!
These pieces could also be used on a felt pumpkin shape on a felt board as well and this activity would be perfect to make the pieces to go along with the story Go Away Big Green Monster! Enjoy :)