Friday, May 2, 2014

Got Pegs? Then you HAVE to make some of these!

I am so excited about a peg doll swap I signed up for this week, (find out about it and sign up until May 5th HERE) that I have spent every spare moment searching for Peg Doll inspiration.

This weeks Got series post is inspired by peg dolls. Each picture will link to the source of the photo but they will not all be DIY's this week like they usually are. Rather each post is meant to be inspiration for you to make yourself want to join this swap! So go on...have a look and at this weeks Got Pegs? Then you HAVE to make some of these... post and see what you get inspired to create.

This Gnome pair DIY is just the cutest!

Frozen inspired Peggies DIY

Star Wars Peggies DIY

Flower fairies DIY

Make your family portraits in Peg Dolls

These little monster are on We Bloom Here  who is hosting the peg doll swap... not a DIY but such cute little monsters I had to share (click the monster photo to see this post).

These carved peg dolls are truly works of art. This photo comes from part 2 of a 2 part post on how she creates these so make sure you check it out. There are many, many more beautiful carved dolls but this Mother Earth doll is my favourite.

Here's a picture of the berry friends I made Aayla for her 6th birthday party which was a Strawberry Shortcake theme.

Child Made Peg Fairies DIY

Valentine Peg Gnomes DIY

Easter peg friends 

A gnome family in a travelling case

Poppy Peg doll DIY

Spring Maiden Peg doll DIY

DIY Cat in The Hat peg dolls

Make a whole fairy tea party

Matryoshka Pegg dolls

Super hero peg doll DIY

I Love all the different peggies that children create

Butterfly peggies (has basic instructions)

Genevieve Santa's elf DIY (after the cloths-pin elf)

Halloween costume peg dolls (a few different ideas with basic instructions)

Autumn peg gnomes DIY

Spring peg dolls DIY

Modge podge Peg people DIY

Flower fairies DIY

Rainbow flower fairy DIY

Peg family (basic instructions-I love the book page dress)

DIY alien peggies with a space ship too

Oh My this little gnome DIY is adorable

Make animal peg dolls

Little Red Riding Hood DIY story set

Simple Super hero peg dolls DIY

DIY Disney princess (has a background playscape download and a link to a set for the boys as well)

Leprechaun Peg people and more

These cake toppers are cute but you wouldn't have to use them as cake toppers (also shows day of the dead cake toppers and zombies too)

DIY peg people necklaces

Use your pegs as an advent calendar

Use your peg dolls as cupcake toppers or candle holder

DIY to make a peg doll matching game

Add magnets for easy travel play (near end of post)

DIY Campfire and take your pegs camping

Child made peggie set with back drop (basic instructions)

DIY Gnome Calendar

DIY Pom pom Fairy garland

Make a snail rider for a Peg doll (DIY in pictures)

DIY key chain...this one is for a mummy but any peggie can become a key chain

Here is a printable to make peg doll furniture

Don't have the time or energy to make your own...have a look on ETSYas there are oddles and oodles of little lovelies for you to buy.

You can also buy all kinds of natural shape and sized peg dolls to make your own.

If your little ones get hungry while crafting this cute cheese snack might do the trick.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!

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