Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sitting by the dock of the river....

Finally it's warming up and we are making summer plans! This weekend it's time to put the dock in and get the boat in the water! It will be so nice to have the boat right in the back yard and we won't have to pay launch fees all summer.

A lot of the wood was rotten so Ian had to dig down and add a face board to strengthen it to hold the dock. Next year we will be upgrading this whole area but for this summer we needed a quick fix.
Mark came over to give Ian a hand.
Now to get the dock in the water. We bought ours at Costco.
Then it was time to launch the boat and bring it home!

Ian relaxing with a book down on the dock

We are glad to have "MS BIAS" at home.
Why did we name our boat "Ms Bias"? The Ms stands for Meadow Spilchen my daughter, the BIAS is for Brooke, Ian, Aayla and Sierra.

And we are so happy to have her sitting in the water at our let the summer fun begin!