Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week Three Nature Scavenger Hunt for Families and my week two pictures

Week three already...the summer is disappearing! We had another week where life got in the way and we barely got out to explore and capture all the wonderful colours to be found in nature but from seeing your pictures in the facebook group it looks like you all got out to explore a lot. Before I get to our photos for the week here is what you'll be hunting for in week three.

This week we will be exploring ponds and marshes. With this weeks challenge the point is to actually get out to a pond and explore. There is so much to see and investigate if you take the time to do so. Take a net with you, a field guide, a nature journal, a see through container to observe your findings before setting them free. Boots are recommended so you can get in the pond and have a very hands on investigation.

Here are this weeks challenges:

July 13th: Sunbathing turtle (out of water on rock or log)10 points (10 bonus points if you can correctly identify it. 25 bonus points if you can find a second species of turtle and add that photo to the comments)

July 14th: Beaver Dam 10 points (25 bonus points if you find the beaver and add that photo to the comments)

July 15th: Flowering pond plant 10 points (5 bonus points to correctly identify it and 10 bonus points if it is not a water lily)

July 16th: Reflections on the pond 5 points

July 17th: Canoe on the pond 10 points (25 bonus points if your team member(s) are in it)

July 18th: Water Fowl. Find a Duck 5 points, swan 10 points or Heron 25 points (50 bonus points if you find all three species. Add the second two photos to the comments of your first photo please)

July 19th: Dragonfly 5 points. Two dragonflies in same photo 10 points

Week 3 BONUS: Make a handmade net (from natural items or recycles items but no purchased items) to take to the pond. Show us a picture of your net at the pond.

Now for my week two pictures:

July 6th Red

July 7th Orange

July 8th Yellow

July 9th Green

July 10th Blue

July 11th Purple/Indego

July 12th Pink

Week two's bonus was to take a paint chip card and try to match the shades on it to real items in nature...but we did not get around to doing this. time seems to just fly by these days :(

Now off to hit the ponds; one of my girls favourite spots to explore. They love to try to catch frogs, observe them and let them go. Green frogs are by far the most common frogs around our area. Hopefully while exploring a couple different ponds we will be lucky enough to spot a leopard frog. They are one of our favourites.

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