Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aaylas Strawberry Shortcake birthday party

It's been along time in the planning and a lot of work in the preparing but I think Aayla and all her guests had a wonderful time at the party...BEWARE this post contains soooo many pictures! I hope you enjoy seeing them and reading all about of Strawberry Shortcake party.

Aayla all decked out in her Strawberry Shorcake outfit I made her. Meadow was going to crochet her a hat but we ran out of time so I found this one at Party City in Barrie.
We headed to the trampoline as we waited for guests to arrive and played tag and popped popcorn.
Then we went on a scavenger hunt. I made strawberries out of pink plastic easter eggs ans hid a clue inside each one to lead them to the next clue.
 The THIRD clue if you are hasty, is hidden where things grow tasty
 The SIXTH clue is kind of sneaky he's hidden where it's sometimes leaky
There was a first clue to start and then 10 eggs to find...and Aaylas off and running to find the strawberry clues.
The last clue...
The surprise, is where we eat our dinner  this is where everyone will be the winner.

On the table was a basket of Aprons that Meadow made for each of the guests to use for an up coming activity.
Everyone got their aprons on.
Then we made some bakers hats for our next activity. These hats were super simple to make and looked so cute! I got the idea HERE and it's a full DIY (scroll to bottom of her post).

 I pre-made all the basic hats and fit them to everyone's heads as they made their flowers (they were too plane without some bling) doing so missed a lot of photos of the creating of these flowers but they were adorable when done.
 Everyone made their own flowers with coffee filters and cupcake liners. They coloured the white ones with a line (or two) of markers to add some colour and used printed cupcake liners. They glued them all together and then we added a flower to the centre with the glue gun and secured them to the hats.
Next it was time to decorate their mini cakes.

Soon after we started the wasps arrived and we quickly had to move the table inside to finish (please excuse my background mess).

A masterpiece in the making
A little taste testing going on here

such concentration
Then it was time for some snacks and drinks. Meadow made strawberry rice krispies, cake pops and strawberry jam thumprint cookies which were delicious! There was also a fruit plate but I was bad...and didn't get any pics of the spread. I did get this one of the juice cups beside the cake.
While everyone was having a snack we moved between eating, face painting...

  and playing pin the stem on the strawberry.
 Then it was pinata time!!!

Then as you can imagine there was a huge scramble :)

We headed out back for a group photo.
and then it was time to open presents

and have some cake
 In the younger kids treat bags I made a strawberry peg doll and a necklace. The hair clips and rings came from party did the tattoos that ere included in everyone's bags.
 The older girls received these notebooks I recovered and added on some ribbon.
 And everyone got some candies and these bubbles Sierra helped me make :) I got the bubbles on clearance at Superstore for only .24 cents! The perfect ending to a perfect party.