Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preparing the Garden

Neither Ian nor I have green thumbs but we really like the idea of growing some of our own food so we are building a garden!!!

Wasaga Beach is built on sand so we had to build a raised bed.
Our bed is made form a 4X12 cedar box that Ian built and it is notched together. We have so many trees on our property we picked the sunniest spot in the yard in hopes of success!
We filled it with a mix of soil, manure and peat moss.
The extra soil we used to cover the barren yard in hopes of grass this summer...(the photo beside show some grass starting but it took a lot of tries to get the yard full of grass)

We planted some seeds... while we waited for warmer weather to arrive.
And while we waited for them to grow we did a few activities to learn about the growing process.
We read the book Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert . We learned about all the different colours that grow in a garden and made this diagram of the flower parts with tissue paper and paint. The rainbow petals formed a color wheel flower.
We also made mathematical flower gardens. I gave the girls a number on each stem and they had to draw that many petals on the stem. Then they added some finger printed bugs to help their gardens grow.
Aayla's garden picture
Sierra's garden picture...i love the spider in the web!
Now we just wait for the sun to arrive so we can plant the seedlings when they sprout.