Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week Four Challenges for the Nature Scavenger Hunt for Families

I am camping until Thursday so my last week photos will be late and I'll catch up when I get home...or if I can get some good wifi while away I will try to get my photos up sooner.

I hope you all enjoyed your pond discovery. We've had another crazy busy week and I can barely believe how fast the summer is flying by. We were not able to get to as many ponds as we hoped; catching frogs is one of my girls favourite things to do, but we did manage to get out a bit.

This fourth week is all about exploring a Provincial Park or National Park (or State Park for our US friends joining in). All pictures must be taken inside the park where you took the photo in front of for July 20th.

July 20th: At least one member in front of the Provincial, National or State Park sign 5 points

July 21st: A natural animal home in the park 10 points, 10 bonus points if your animal is at home

July 22nd: Watch for wildlife 5 points for the first picture, 1 bonus point for each additional animal photo added to the comments and 1 bonus point for correctly identifying it

July 23rd: Search for items you think an animal might eat. Correctly identify what you found 10 points. What animal do you think might eat it 5 points

July 24th: Moss or Lichen 5 points

July 25th: Mushroom 5 points  (Do NOT touch as many mushrooms are poisonous)

July 26th: Search for signs of wildlife. 10 points. Post a picture of what sign you found and explain what you think you found signs of...ex..maybe you found animal tracks. Post a picture of the tracks and have your child(ren) hypothesise what they think made the tracks. Share their guesses for another 5 points.

WEEK Four Bonus: Take a nature journal (or even just some paper), markers, coloured pencils or paint with you on your walk. Near the end of your walk find a place to stop and draw as many species of plants or animals that you saw, in your journal. Post a picture of your journal page. 50 points

I hope everyone is having fun exploring...and actually getting more time to explore then we are! Enjoy your park discovery as I'm looking forward to seeing all your pictures come in. Have a great week!

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