Monday, July 6, 2015

Week Two Nature Scavenger Hunt and my week one photos

Week one comes to an end. With my husband getting his cast off this week and us all being sick throughout the week we didn't spend nearly enough time out in nature as I would have liked to. I barely managed to get all the pictures myself this week but we did get them done in the nick of time.

First though here are the 2nd weeks challenges:

This week we are repeating a favourite theme from a lot of the participants last year. It's time to go on a colour hunt. Each day this week has a colour. You must pick one main photo as your entry but in the comments of that one photo, you may add in extra pictures of other natural items you found of the same colour for bonus points. Each additional photo in the comments will be an extra point. For example monday is red. Add a photo for the day and under it in the comments attach as many other red items as you can find.

July 6th Red 5 points
July 7th  Orange 5 points
July 8th Yellow 5 points
July 9th Green 5 points
July 10th Blue 5 points
July 11th Purple/Indigo 5 points
July 12th Pink 5 points

Week 2 Bonus: Take a paint chip card from a paint store (any colour scale you wish) with at least 4 different tones on it. Take it out in nature and collect items that match your colour card as closely as possible. 5 bonus points per each (very close) match.  

Also do not forget about the extra bonuses throughout the summer that you can do when ever you choose.

The following may be uploaded at any time during the 9 week period:
EXTRA bonus 1: Create a clay face on a tree using all natural items 50 points
EXTRA bonus 2: Go star gazing. Can you see any constellations? Which one? ones? Take a photo of it or create art to resemble the constellation you saw. 25 points
EXTRA bonus 3: Find a great stick and decorate it to be a walking stick to use while you are exploring 50 points
EXTRA bonus 4: Go camping... Take a family photo outside your tent or camper 25 points
EXTRA bonus 5: Explore a hiking trail. Take a journal with you. Stop and draw some of the things you saw on your walk 5 points per item you draw
EXTRA bonus 6: Visit an ocean or visit a desert...find something you think is interesting, take a picture of it and share a fact about what you found. Tell us where you are too please!  25 points
EXTRA bonus 7: Create a fairy house for our fairy friends 50 points. (note extra bonus points may be awarded here, or at any point for creativity)

Please remember to correctly identify each picture you upload with #2015naturehunt as well as the date and a brief description.

Here are my photos from the week:

June 29th: A family portrait of everyone who is participating in this hunt bonus points if it's a photo of your family climbing a tree. We didn't have the best climbing shoes on but we managed.

June 30th: A photo looking up at the Canopy of the trees 

July 1st: (Canada Day Holiday) Maple tree 

(bonus points if you CREATE something with no more then two maple leaves) Please be very careful when picking leaves from the tree as to not break any branches. We made a banner to celebrate Canada Day.

July 2nd: Rays of light shining through the trees to the forest floor 

July 3rd: Forest Floor picture. Pick a spot and sit on the forest floor. Look closely. How many different creatures can you identify from your picture. We actually didn't see any creatures in the area we sat in but we found a maple seedling, an oak seedling, Indian smoke pipe (ghost flowers), acorns, twigs, moss, pine needles, dead foliage and a fern.

July 4th: (Independence Day Holiday USA) Sunrise or sunset 

We got to see the sun begin to set tonight but didn't stay until the end as after playing at the park, then eating an ice cream treat the girls were cold and wanted to go home.

Week 1 BONUS'S for extra points:
Show how you celebrated either Canada Day or Independence Day outside in Nature.

We had a campfire out by the river. Sierra started this fire all by herself (with close observation).

We are hoping to all be feeling better are get out there and find many colours in nature this week and hope you enjoy this upcoming week as well.

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