Friday, February 21, 2014

Got Paint? Try painting with out typical brushes

This weeks "Got? series" post is Got Paint? Try painting without typical brushes. A collection of wonderfully creative ideas for painting with many other items besides a typical paint brush.

Just click on the photos to be taken to each original post with the directions to create your own unique masterpieces. Have fun!

Drizzle paintings

Bubble Wrap Stomp paintings...what wonderful sensory fun too!

Make squish paintings

Paint rainbows with toy cars

Muffin tin printing

Party blower paintings

Spit ball paintings...

Try Blow painting

Make big messy art with dollar store sensory toys

Make Ukiyo-e prints

Paint by scraping cardboard square down your paper

Paint while riding your tricycle or bicycle

Painting with bugs

Painting with eggs

Painting with rolling pins

Squirt bottle painting

Udder paintings made from hanging balloons

Painting with expired credit cards or gift cards

Compass painting (OK it uses a small brush but I think it still counts)

Painting with Magnets

Bubble wrap painting

Spatter painting with tooth brushes

Paint with an electric toothbrush! We've splatter painting with regular paintbrushes but this is a cool idea. I am always drawn to circles.

Q-Tip painting (blog not in English)

Suminagashi (Marbling)

Paint with multicoloured ice cubes

Paint with candy (this post uses, pop rocks, pixie sticks and gumballs)

Rain paintings

Paint with trains on canvas

Glue prints

Paint with toilet paper rolls

Roller painting

Feather painting

Painting with combs

Painting with a salad spinner
Circle prints with recyclables

Marble Maze paintings

Hot plate paintings with crayons
Paint with rocks

Paint with blown bubbles
Pom pom paintings
Take your pom pom paintings to the next step and make drumstick pom pom paintings.

Make painted designs with food colouring on wet glue

Paint with marbles and pine branches (make wrapping paper-mid post)

Paint with bouncy balloons

String paintings

Finger paint a name canvas

Bleeding tissue paper paintings

Syringe Painting

Make shamrock prints for St Patrick's day with peppers

Spray painting for kids

Make pencil eraser pointillism's

Try squirt gun painting

Paint with flower petals

Paint with cookie cutters and practice spelling too

Print with forks (they used brushes for the stems but you could finger paint the stems to omit the brushes)

Paint with natural elements

Block prints with string

Make 'pour' paintings
Pipecleaner painting

Paint with an assortment of toys

Funnel painting (an outside activity for sure)

Try making your own painting tools that are not typical brushes

Make cardboard paint scrappers (and other painting tools)

Make natural paintbrushes

Make dot paintings with homemade dot stampers

Monoprinting with watercolours... the effect is beautiful...OK so you use a brush to dab the paint on the paper but you don't actually paint with the brush so I vote this one in too!
Have you tried painting without a typical paintbrush? What did you try? Did you or your children enjoy the experience?


  1. Wow what am awesome list! Off to check out some of those great links, thanks for including our balloon painting!

    1. Your most welcome as it was a great idea. Hope you enjoy some of the other ideas too. Thanks for popping by.

  2. Thanks for including us in your amazing collection!

    1. Thank you for the great idea and for stopping by!


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