Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Owl you need is Love: Valentine bowling game

I have no idea where I first saw these cute owls made from toilet paper rolls but they are all over Pinterest.

I had an idea to turn the owls into a valentine bowling game because Aayla loves playing with balls. She loves to catch them, to throw them, to roll them, to bounce them... so we are always fans of bowling games (Remember our snowmen bowling from recyclables?). The fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and learning about the force of her throw is very beneficial for her development.  This will also be a perfect game for our evening of family valentines fun to celebrate Valentines Day together as a family.

They are pretty simple to make so I'll just jot out the basic directions instead of a full DIY. Start by bending over the top edges of your toilet paper rolls, leaving two tips pointing up. You could cut them off but we just folded the sides inward.
Paint your owls any colours you choose.

Sierra's new favourite owls
 Set the owls aside to dry.
When your paint is dry, glue on either felt or paper beaks and wings (we used felt scraps for ours) and some googly eyes.

This next picture I found on my camera when editing the photos...thanks to Aayla. I often find little surprises on my camera from one of the girls.
 Now just set up the owls in a triangular formation.
And knock them over and over again.

What other games have you created with toilet paper rolls?

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