Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blast from the past...past DIY Valentine cards we have made

Our Newspaper Roses Valentines in 2011 were probably my all time favourite valentines to make I love recycling eveyday items into new beginnings. The DIY for these Newspaper Lollipop Roses can be found HERE.
Newspaper Valentine Lollipop Rose cards

In 2012 both girls made heart butterflies as cards and wrote Happy Valentines Day on the back of the wings. We also added magnets to the back of the bodies so their teachers could stick them on a filing cabinet or fridge. DIY with link to printable HERE.

In 2013 Sierra made the butterfly suckers and our gumball monster Aayla made the gumball machine Valentines for their classes. You can see how to make both of them HERE.

 This year we made watercolour valentines which can be found HERE incase you missed them. They are ranked up there as one of my favourites as well. Painting is a medium we all enjoy in our house and we need to make time to do it more often.

My favourite Valentine from the web (which I planned on making this year but couldn't find the wood discs I have been saving for it; time to organize the craft room) are these "wood you be my valentine" cards. I think they are fantastic!
Will you be making or buying Valentines cards with your kids this year?

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