Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Elf on the shelf mishap

The dreaded happened...our Elfie got touched and was knocked over! He was getting bold and we found him playing in the tub yesterday driving his ice breaker on the way back from the North Pole when the unthinkable happened...our girls were goofing around in the bathroom and Elfie got knocked over!!! Oh no will Elfie loose his magic???

We went to bed last night hoping for Elfie to still have his magic but this morning we woke up and found him still there...

BUT he had a small little letter in his arms...
At first Sierra didn't see the letter and she was so distraught. When she did notice it she used a pair of tweezers to get the letter out of his arms without touching him again and we opened and read the little letter.

Sierra thought it was pretty amazing that this paper was white on one side and red on the other. 

"It has to be from the North Pole because this is magic paper... no one else but Santa could have this kind of paper" she says. 

So we went downstairs and wrote a letter to Santa asking for Elf Help just like Elfie requested we do. Sierra did a great job starting to write the letter as daddy told her how to spell the words (but then she got frustrated that he was paraphrasing her words and we had to cross some out and daddy finished her letter word for word from her).

We dropped it into the mail box as we walked to school. 

On the way home from school we stopped to get the mail and there was a parcel there from Santa!!! How's that for magical Airmail! I've never seen mail delivered so fast in ALL my life!

What can be in our Airmail?
Aayla was at daycare and we were going to wait to see what was inside until Aayla got home from daycare but Sierra was too excited so we took a little peak. Inside was a letter from Santa saying we needed to follow the instructions as soon as possible so Sierra and daddy got busy.
Sierra looking quite surprised as
daddy reads Santas note
(FYI I think Santa might have downloaded the patterns for this mail from HERE I saw it there and thought is was a super neat idea. I am so glad Santa used it even if it is a little different)

Opening up the package labelled as North Pole Fertilizer

Opening up the North Pole Potting Soil

Amazed to see the Peppermint Seed

Planting the Peppermint Seed

Adding the North Pole Fertilizer

Patting it all down

Happily waiting for the peppermint seed to grow
After setting the Peppermint seed safely on the counter we went about making our Day 14 Countdown to Christmas activity (but you can see that in the next post since this Elfie post is quite long).

Just before bedtime Sierra noticed our Peppermint seed had started to grow!!!

Here they are wishing for the seed to grow into a big candy cane so Elfie
can get back to the North Pole to regain all his magic and get strong enough
to return to us before Christmas this year.

So excited!!!
 Then it was off to bed with our peppermint seed growing and safely guarded for the night.
I sure hope that the girls wished hard enough and are sorry enough for a big candy cane to grow and Elfie can return to the North Pole to get better.


  1. LOVE it!! I love the way you creatively dealt with the Elfie Mishap =-) Too clever & so glad you were able to make use of my Grow a Candycane =-) The look on your daughters face is PRICELESS!!!
    Beth =-)

  2. So cute! Our elf was touched intentionally by our 12 yr old. He did lose his powers temporarily. Since Santa knew Buddy had a super hard job of watching a 10 and 12 year old, he did give him back his powers. He really wanted to know if they were behaving. I wouldnt be surprised though, if they get a little bit of coal in their stockings this year.

  3. Love this!!!!!! Stopping by from TGIF Linky Party

  4. What a fun way to deal with the Touching Incident. :o)

  5. Love it! Our babysitter accidentally touched our elf and as coincidence would have it, I forgot to move "Tommy" that night and the next. My girls thought he lost his magic so we had a talk with Tommy and told him to tell Santa we were very sorry. Tommy returned the next day (in a new place) with a letter from Santa saying that he restored Tommy's powers.

  6. Your post is as cute as it is helpful. Thanks so much for sharing! With a toddler in our house, our elf has found himself mostly untouchable spots to perch up high and out of reach. I was dreading the day that he got touched but now I'll know how to deal with it if he does!!


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