Friday, December 23, 2011

Peak of Christmas: Grouse Mountain

We finally made it to the Peak of Christmas as Grouse Mountain and had an afternoon of snowy fun.

We saw Santa...Sierra wasn't impressed...she said Santa looked different. He did sound different but I think it was because he had a cold :)
Then the girls had fun skating...with just their boots and that was funny enough let alone trying skates on them :)

 Sierra made snow angels

Has a sleigh ride...pulled by a tractor :(
Then we found a hill to slide down.

 Santa's reindeer were resting up for the big night ;)
 We then warmed up by the fire and headed for home.

I can't believe we were on top of Grouse Mountain and I didn't take any photos of the view :( I tried to in the gondola on the way down but we were packed in like sardines so it wasn't possible.

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