Friday, December 9, 2011

Red, Green and White Day 8 and our elf on the shelf

Today's matchbox for our countdown to Christmas said it was Red, Green and White for dinner and nails.

We had green spaghetti (cook as normal and add green food colouring), with red sauce and a white cheese star on top and a little side of spinach and tomatoes.

Green milk with white whipped cream and a red cherry
Green and red pudding with white whipped cream and a red cheery for desert (again I used food colouring as I didn't think my girls would like pistachio pudding).
Then after dinner we painted nails with red, green and white nail polish.
Aayla wanted happy faces

Sierra wanted candy cane stripes with a pattern
of green on the top on every other finger???

I didn't take a picture but their toes are white with red hearts <3 
As for Elfie our Elf on the shelf...he had fun building snowmen last night...
Elfie our elf on the shelf builds snowmen