Monday, December 12, 2011

Candlelit bath play with Christmas carols and more Day 11 Countdown to Christmas

I had to change around a couple activities on our countdown to Christmas as we were supposed to go to the Peak of Christmas today but we (mainly me) just didn't have the energy for it today. We were out all day yesterday and I wanted some time at home :)

The girls both really enjoyed their bath. Normally Sierra prefers a shower but as soon as she saw me getting the coloured ice cubes ready for the bath and turning on the Christmas carols she was all in!

(Excuse the photos please...low light pics with just the candles coming up)
Like Sierra's lips? She has a bad habit of
getting into my colourstay lipstick!

Of course there is a tub full of coloured ice shapes...and yep
you guessed it, they both go for the same one!
They both quickly scurried around the tub collecting the coloured ice shapes before they melted. By the time I lit all the candles, they were gone :( Oh well I brought out some red and green tub paint and they had a blast covering almost every inch of the tub.

Then they had almost as much fun with a wash cloth and wiping the tub paint off and creating many bubbles as they did with the painting.
Normally Sierra doesn't get bubble baths because they irritate her skin...(she is so sensitive) but she got to today. We just popped her in the shower to rinse off all the soap afterwards. We will have to wait and see how she is tomorrow...fingers crossed!

Elfie this morning must have been tired from his journey the night before as we found him getting a piggy back ride from one of my Santas...I wonder if he went with him???

(To see how we made the poinsettias in the picture with Elfie please visit THIS post

The snowman candle holder was made by my eldest daughter (now 23) when she was about 5 or 6. I just love him! Missing you Meadow...wishing you were going to be home for Christmas!!!)

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