Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life size elves Day 5 Countdown to Christmas

Our day 5 matchbox contained the activity to make life size elves to decorate the kids door.

We bought a roll of craft paper from the dollar store and it was just enough to get both kids on one roll. The girls had to lie down on the paper and I traced around their bodies. They barely sat still long enough to do the tracing so no pictures of that...but you get the idea :) I started with the head by drawing a triangle point for the hat and added 2 pointy ears, the rest of the body I traced their outline.

We got out the markers first and drew on the faces and clothing details. Then out came the paints to fill in the body parts and clothing. We just used basic tempera water colour blocks.

After painting, set them aside to dry. When dry cut them out. 

Before we could put the elves up on the girls door Sierra had a bit of cleaning to do. She's becoming a wonderful artist but the problem is, she sees the world as her canvas!

With the help of a magic eraser and a little elbow grease it all came off and up went the elves.

As for Elfie...this morning we must have caught him as he was finishing up a movie...(perhaps he was watching Elf since we taped it last night) as we found him perched up above the TV.