Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY Pine Cone Fairies

I saw THESE Rainbow Fairies and fell in love with them and knew we would have to make some.

The inspiration Rainbow fairies are gorgeous! They would make a beautiful gift for someone and would be fabulous fairies for a block play area. I wanted my girls to make their own fairies and I think theirs turned out sweet too! To make a set as a gift please follow the inspiration link above as they have a wonderful tutorial with beautiful pictures.

If your kids want to make some here is our DIY with a few minor changes to the above mentioned tutorial.

1) First gather your supplies:
You will need:
-An assortment of pinecones and acorn caps
-Medium and large wood beads for the heads
-White satin leaves for the wings
-Paint, water and small brush
-Permanent markers
-Wooden disc (real wood or store bought coins)

You will also need a hot glue gun not shown.

2) Start by painting your pine cones. It was such a beautiful Spring day we took our art outside today.
(FYI These long pine cones were very sappy and not a great choice but Aayla really wanted to use them so we made do. Other varieties of pine cones have a lot less sap, if any at all, and work much better)

 3) Set the pine cones aside to dry. Take your white satin leaves and colour them with permanent markers.
4) Choose one of your pine cones and choose a bead for the head and an acorn cap for the hat. Glue them together with the hot glue gun, and glue on the wings to the back of the pine cone fairy. Draw on a face. (I didn't take pictures of this step sorry but you get the idea). We also glued on wooden coins to the base to allow them to stand.

When they ran out of pine cones the girls went searching for more to make more fairies.

They even made a couple trees.

Then it was time to play with them.

 Sierra took them to visit our Fairy tree stump.
 And they made themselves at home.

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