Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to ALL you wonderful mother's and grandmothers, foster mothers and adopted mother's. You all deserve a huge pat on the back and a heartfelt hug for all your years of devotion and dedication to the little people in your lives.

I asked each of my three girls... 
Love: What does it mean to you?

Aayla "I Love you and ALL of my family and ALL of my friends...OK...bye"!

Sierra "It means I love you and I don't want you to die. I have no other answer...I don't know what love means, I just LOVE my family".

Meadow "Love is giving yourself unconditionally to another, it's selfless, trusting, commitment and loyal".

To me Love isn't a word to be easily described.

I believe love isn't a feeling but rather a choice. A choice to give of yourself freely, generously, to your fullest capability and expect nothing back in return. If you are lucky you may receive love back in return.

Love is a choice to be the best person you can be for someone else, to give yourself fully and honour their needs before your own; but without forgetting your own needs at the same time.

Love is a choice to forgive mistakes made by others as well as forgiving yourself for your own mistakes.

To my own Mother Sue, My Mother in law Diana and to my step Mom Bev

We all wish you all a very happy Mother's day and we LoVe you all!
Please excuse the photo...they all thought I was crazy when I asked them to lie down in this patch of wild violets (that was growing in the grass between the side walk and the road- "But Mom there are people over there watching us", "OK but only because tomorrow is Mothers day"). This is the best picture I could get with none of them really enjoying the process; I do appreciate them trying for me though...and we had a really good laugh about it afterwards.


FYI: I have received no compensation from this post other than the possibility of my children's quotes possibly being chosen for their own use and they may link to my blogI was asked by Brilliant Earth to do this post for Mother's Day about finding the purest most unique definition of Love and Appreciation. At first I'll be honest I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the post for a diamond company but I read their Ethical Diamond policy  and I liked their Mother's Day Campaign, that with every sale (thru May 11th, 2014) they will provide one mother in Africa with the maternity care she needs to give birth safely, through a donation to the non-profit Maternity Worldwide...A gift you buy that will contribute to a larger gift for another mother in Africa.

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