Monday, May 5, 2014

A Beautiful Spring Walk

Sierra and I had some Mommy & Me time yesterday and went for a lovely little walk. We dropped Aayla off at a birthday party, and daddy off to fly and near the airport we saw a sign for a trail and decided to give it a try.

When we first parked there was a pretty little river area that we explored for about a half hour.
Sierra looked for fish and frogs but we didn't find any.
We sat and we listened...we listened to the sound of the water trickling over a fallen log to create a mini waterfall, we listened to the birds signing and the faint hum of an occasional car crossing the nearby bridge. We listened to the wind rustle it's way through the tree branches, and distance voices approaching.

Sierra declared this as a great spot to come back with everyone to have a picnic. She also wanted to bring her bathing suit so she could try to walk across this log which goes from one side of the river to the other. She figured if she tried it now she might fall in and her clothes would get wet. She didn't want that to happen but she really wanted to try to cross it. Bringing a bathing suit sounds like a great solution that she came up with. 

Then we listened to the owners bang up some no trespassing I guess we won't be having a picnic here after all unfortunately. We headed back up the little hill to cross the road and hit the actual trail.

We found the bees were very busy.

 As Sierra picks one flower to examine she is quite concerned about the bees as seen below.

There were many many horsetails.

Once we got to the trail it ran along side some old rail road tracks. Sierra has a great time skipping ahead and counting the railway ties as she speed ahead.

It wasn't long before we ventured off the tracks to explore. We saw some daffodils growing left over from a long lost garden.
Nearby we saw another patch of daffodils but these were old fashioned double daffodils. They brought back so many childhood memories as these used to grow wild behind my grandparents house in Nova Scotia.

We also found a little patch of these sweet little yellow Lily's which I had no idea what they were (After a little research when we got home we discovered they were Trout Lily's. I love their unusual leaf patterns).

We continued along the railway tracks but really didn't walk very far. The woods kept calling us to explore. We carefully turned over a few logs in hopes of finding a salamander but had no such luck.

 The moss was so pretty in the sunshine.
 This picture does not give this knarly fallen tree justice...
 We found many empty snail shells and brought one home for Aayla since she missed our walk.

Then it was time to head back onto the tracks but not before a little tea time break.

We picked up Aayla and then went to a playground in Collingwood where Sierra learned to fly!

So we all had a beautiful, fun filled, busy day which included Aayla learning to power and steer the quad all by herself. Slowly, slowly at first and then when she got the hang of it she was a little bit of a speed demon.
Followed by some pedal car races (both are roadside finds).

I LoVe that Spring is finally here!

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