Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flickr Fun with Wooden Etsy Goodness

OK so I have been viewing all these wonderful mosaic everyone makes on Flickr and I decided I needed to try it. Since I am all about the WOODEN TOY LOVE these days what better choice to start with!

Starting at the top left side
1) Small Town Toys
2) Syrendell
3) Urastarhouse
4) Black Dog Woodshop
5) Mamakopp
6) You're Inspired
7) Mamaroots
8) Woodmouse
9) Jalu Toys

These are all on my Etsy wish lists! All extremely talented artists!!! How can you not just fall in love with each and everyone of these cute gnomes, fairies, trees, ponds, mushrooms and forest animals? I like this mosaic tool. Have you tried it?