Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Sunflowers

Here a simple but cute craft to try.

Supplies you will need:

Yellow construction paper
Tape (I used green masking tape)
Scissors, writing utensil like pen, pencil, marker, glue stick
A small twig/branch
Green and yellow feathers
Sunflower seeds
Clay pot or other small container (you could recycle a yogurt container, or small tin)
Playdough (not pictured in supplies photo....sorry)
Circular object about 5-6inch in diameter

1) Gather your supplies.

2) Trace around a circular object onto the yellow paper. I chose to trace around our green masking tape as it was a good size. You need to trace 2 circles and cut them both out.
3) Glue around the edge of one circle. Now carefully place the yellow feathers into the glue circle. Be careful not to get the glue on your fingers or you will turn into a yellow feathered birdie!
4) Cover the second circle with glue and firmly press it down on top of the feathered circle you just finished.
5) Cover that top circle with glue. Put it on really thick. Now press your sunflower seeds into the glue.
6) Allow the glue to dry. Turn your flower over and secure it to a twig using the green masking tape.
7) Turn the flower over, and tape on another smaller twig or two to be the branches. Tape the green feathers on to be the leaves.
8) Now take your pot and place a clump of paydough in the bottom. (I used playdough that was getting old instead of bran new playdough.) Sierra decided to plant a little seed in her dough soil too, then she pretended to water it to wait for it to grow. (Love her imagination!)

9) Next pick up your flower, press it into the dough soil. You may need to press the dough into the branch so it stands straight and is more secure.

10) Now you have a beautiful sunflower! (ours is headed to the nature table)

We also made a simple daffodil from yellow paper, muffin liners, and paint. Then put it together in the same way as stated above.
I also found this sunflower project going on. I am not sure if Canada can join but I am inquiring and if we can, we will.

We will be building one of these sunflower sunrooms this year too! What a great way to study the growth of sunflowers, discover bees, and other birds and animals who will use the sunflowers, provide a fun place to play, and yummy snack to eat! The learning just keeps growing and GROWing and GROWING!

I hope you have fun with these ideas. Leave a comment and let me know how your project went, or any other great ideas you have for sunflowers.


  1. HI Siayla and family, Beautiful sunflowers! Thanks for visiting us at syrendell.

  2. YEAH! We are featured together. How neat is that! I love your sunflowers. Especially adding the sunflower seeds. A friend of mine was just talking about doing that! COngrats Brooke! I know I will see you at crafty crow often. You have a spectacular blog with lots of fun crafty ideas.

  3. This is for me. I hate raising real flowers because I always forget to water them. If I make this then people will think I have flowers and I won't have to water them. Maybe up close they can tell their fake but from far. They will probably look real.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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