Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday Finds!

Well it was Friday when I found just happens to be very early Saturday am now! I really need to go to bed but I am trying to catch up uploading photos to flickr since before Christmas!!!

One of my favourite things to do is to go treasure hunting at thrift stores, yard sales, antique store you name it! I LOVE finding great deals and great finds.

I was thrilled with today's treasure hunting! Right now Value Village has a coupon system and today I got to use my 30% off. I got a few other books and things for the girls but these are my treasures.

Jar holding spools $1.99

2 Bags of Wooden thread spools $1.99 each (I just love the look of wooden spools and colourful thread)

Small glass bowl $2.99 and Larger glass bowl $3.99 (both are to try to make one of these) like mamkopp describes in her blog

Bag of metallic embroidery thread $ 1.99

Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Conell $3.99 ( I just tried to look for this book yesterday at Chapters and they didn't have it in... I was ecstatic as I have heard good things about it. This is the older version. there is a newer edition available now)

Lower case printscript stamps $1.99 (Sierra's a bit young yet but the ones I bought for daycare were almost $30.00)

2 bags of some antique lace, ribbon and that pom pom ribbon which I can't find in stores around here $1.99 each

Beautifully illustrated book called Lets Meet Some baby Birds $.99

Coolest mushroom fairy or gnome house ever $1.99

Vintage ceramic fox I think $.99

A set of vintage bird cards $.99 (all there too! and beautiful birds on them)

All for a grand total of $29.86 negative the 30% discount but plus tax = less then $25.00!!! I was happy with my finds. I paid more for the glass bowls then I would have liked but I so want to make the terrariums. Come back next Friday and see what else I've found :)

There is something really satisfying for me to go around to as many thrift stores as I can in one day and see how many treasures I can find. It's my one way I take time for myself. Life is so busy full of oligations to family, work and others that sometimes we forget to slow down and take a moment for ourselves. Or at least I do! So Fridays are my days. I try not to work, but that doesn't always happen, but at least I try to be uninvolved on Fridays.

Some Fridays I spend with my girls out doing something fun, or treasure hunting, or I spend the day creating alone or with a friend.

I love that I have one day to myself. To do with what I want. It gives me time to do something for myself so my candle doesn't blow out. I think it's important for all of us, to take time for ourselves. To slow down and enjoy a day for you (and that usually involves at least 1 thrift store! and maybe more for me!!!) What do you like to do when you have a moment to yourself?

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  1. That's so wonderful that you take time for yourself, and spending the day thrifting would totally recharge my batteries... I wondered how you were able to find such cool stuff, but I'm sure thrifting is much easier when you're not also trying to corral the kids and keep them from breaking stuff :)


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