Monday, March 9, 2009

A Sweet Easter Doll

Are you looking for a cute Easter Doll for your little girl? My friend Leanna makes a line of dolls called Poot & Boogie Dolls. See her blog here. Leanna uses only eco friendly materials for her dolls, and strives to make dolls safe for your children to actually play with. She hand embroiders all the facial features, so no dyes or paint to worry about! She only buys small quantities of fabric to choose from, limiting the number of doll that can be made wth each one! She tries to make each doll different and unique just like your child! See her Easter Bunny Girl at her Etsy shop or have her customize a doll to look like your little boy or girl.

My girls got their dolls for Easter 2008 and they love them. Leanna recommends they be for age 18 months and up but Aayla was only about 6 months when she got her doll and she loved it. It is the perfect size for her little hands and mouth.


  1. We have a Poot & Boogie doll and we love her too. I'm thinking about getting a boy doll for my son in a few months, too. Leanna rocks! :)


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