Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday finds!

Not a super exciting day today. I have been feeling really tired the past couple of days and didn't have a huge amount of energy today so I took it easy. I did find this cute boat set for $5.99 though. I think it originally was meant to be Noah's Ark but it only came with the boat and one of each of a variety of animals. The animals are all carved from balsam wood I think. Most are two layers together to add thickness and then heavily painted. They are a bit folk artish but both Sierra and Aayla have been enjoying them.

The only other thing I bought, you will have to wait to see. I have been wanting to start a nature table.....and that's the only hint you get :)

I want to get my craft mess....I mean craft room organized this weekend so I can start being productive. I'm tired of all work and no play! I want to play! I have so much fun reading so many wonderful crafty blogs and I long to get some things off my to do list done such as make felted eggs for Easter, finish the wooden Easter eggs, try ribbon embroidery, make a nature table, sew some pencil rolls, start making things for the craft show mom and I want to do this Christmas, finish my Kelly Rae Roberts inspired painting I started months ago, make felted playscapes and fairies and gnomes and forrest creatures etc., get going on the garden, try dying some playsilks, try altering dominoes and making scrabble pendant charms. I know there is more but I can't think for the life of me what they are at the moment. I need to go sit and veg with a nice cup of tea. So have a great night and a great weekend. Wish me luck with getting my mess organized so I can be productive once again! Hopefully I'll be back Sunday night with some really good news about a tidy room, and maybe even a nature table!

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