Monday, March 23, 2009

Abiyoyo story and rhythm sticks

Have you ever read or heard the story of Abiyoyo? Here is a little video clip of the story. The Abiyoyo book linked previously is a bit different then the video. The CD has way more music to it. I haven't listened or read this story in ages so I was surprised when Sierra started singing Abiyoyo this afternoon on our walk. (Obviously she is listening to her teachers when she spends time at our Fleetwood daycare as she must have heard it there) We use rhythm sticks with the children at daycare during the chorus of the story, and they ALL LOVE it!

With us being in Richmond at the time, we went to Daiso which is a basically $2 store in Richmond (nothing over $2 unless otherwise clearly marked). We bought some felt, wooden trees, cute earasers and notepads. While we were there we also bought a couple hollow wooden tubes to make rhythm sticks and made these:

If you don't live near a Daiso and can't find hollow wooden dowels you can make your own with a regular wooden dowel (they work the same, the sound is just a bit different). Here's a simple how to:

1) Go to your favourite home renovation store and buy a piece of dowelling (wooden rod). You want a piece that is about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter and cut to about 8 inches in length. You will need 2 pieces cut. Most places have a table and hand saw set up so you can cut your piece in the store.

2) Sand the cut edges smooth.

3) Draw on a pattern or free hand paint with non toxic paints such as acryllic paint, tempera paints or water colours (since Sierra is only 2 we painted our sticks today with tempera paint).

4) Allow to dry and then seal with modge podge (I will do this step tomorrow). This seals the paint to the dowel and adds a shiny finish. (If you prefer a non shiny finish Modge Podge comes in a variety of lustres. Any wood cream or sealer will also work.)

5) Use your rythum sticks to keep the beat to Abiyoyo, or a favourite tune. Practice your Ta Ta Te Te Ta's....remember those from elementary music calss :)

Here is Sierra painting and singing Abiyoyo

For a more natural look you could just paint a band of colour on one end, or just add on some rub ons for a small design. Even the youngest of children could just add some stickers. However you choose to decorate these I guarantee your children will have fun! Bring out the pots and pans and have a family musical marching band!

For us, rhythm sticks is a good way to introduce following a beat. I also found this cute tutorial on making a small guitar if you'd rather. Either way, I hope you enjoy Abiyoyo!!!


  1. Hi! Found your site from 5 Orange Potatoes. :) I was racking my brain trying to think where I've heard the name Abiyoyo before. I think it might have been on the PBS show "Between the Lions". Could be wrong though. Also, I LOVE your storage shelf unit and bins.. I need something exactly like that. Too bad the closest Ikea is about 3-4 hours away. :( Just last night I bought a $20 bookshelf from Walmart, put a couple baskets on the shelves, and already it's filled up! Seems like with kids, you can NEVER have enough storage! :)

  2. Hi Erin, yes the video clip above is from Between the Lions. It's an abbreviated clip from the actual book and CD, but it gets the message across.

    Thank you re the storage unit. It is working out nicely :)and we are loving it too :) I agree that you can never have enough storage, it is full! We decided that as new things come into our home, we will trade out other things and donate them. That will help those in need and will keep our clutter down (I hope).

    Thanks for popping by. I am new to blogging so it's always nice to hear how people find me. Enjoy and happing blogging :)

  3. I have a dowel I just bought for a drop down spindle - but as I sent my dh to get it, it's too large for a spindle! :)
    So making drum sticks out of it is a great idea, methinks.

  4. Wait are rhythm sticks the things you shake and they make noise? Have I got that right?

    -Zane of ontario honey


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