Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sicko Sierra and intro to our first nature table

It's been a long week. Sierra has been sick for about 5 days now. She has never had the flu and it was hard for her to understand what was happening to her. I feel so helpless as a parent trying to explain to a 2 1/2 year what is happening to her poor little body, and there is nothing mommy can do to make her gurgling belly stop, but cuddle together and wait it out!

Today there is a bit of hope, as she is in much happier spirits but still not feeling good. I decided to break out the set of wooden Brown Bear Brown Bear toys I bought from mamakopp which I was going to save for her birthday. She adores that story. It is so fun to watch her read it to her little sister. But she's been so sick and so good about it, I thought she needed a little treat!

She has been snuggling up on this bed in our spare room/craft room alot this weekend. (Really though her favourite spot has been in her daddies arms. He has been her biggest source of comfort.) Please excuse the quality of the photo. Sierra hates her picture taken lately and with her being sick I didn't want to push her for a great shot.

She had fun with a set of owls that mamakopps son Lucas made. (Sierra calls them kitties which I think is cute) She enjoyed matching all the colourful animals from the Brown Bear story to the coloured animals Lucas made.

I am also posting a picture of my current project. I am trying to put together a nature table. I think nature tables are a wonderful way to bring the outside in. I am very intrigued by the the Waldorf philosopy lately and have been spending any spare moments I have looking for good websites about Waldorf. If you have any sites to recommend please leave them in the comments section or email me at

I found a green scarve at a thrift store to use as the grass until I get a green silkie. This picture is just the begining, a hint of what is to come as the table we are using is the top of an old dresser I store my material, wool felt, embroidery and sewing stuff in and is about 5 feet long. My current project though is my first big needle felting venture and I think it is turning out OK.

It will have removable leaves so it can change with the seasons, it's my version of this one from Manyharmonytrees on Etsy. (I just bought this book from her and can't wait for it to arrive.) I have a long way to go with finishing my tree but it's a glimpse into our first nature table. The wooden animals pictured are from mamakopp, as are the mushrooms. The pine trees are from a dollar store find, the crystal I received in a wonderful swapbot swap months ago, and the curly knotted wood was a recent beach walk.

Hopefully this week when Sierra is feeling better we can go for a walk to to collect some items for our table, and then we'll post some finished pictures. Until then, I hope all is well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. Just when I think we know what these toys are being used for a family will share a story like this with me and I have no words to describe how it makes me feel. Thank you so much for sharing and I am really excited to see your tree finished!


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