Saturday, March 29, 2014

Egg-Animals DIY from plastic Easter eggs

Last year we saved our plastic eggs to use for crafts before Easter this year. This DIY was inspired by THESE  but the girls ran away with the inspiration and went down their own creative roads.
For this activity you will need to gather your supplies.

Basically I just put the supplies on the table, showed them the inspiration post pictures and they did it all themselves (I did help the younger girls with their glue gun use).
You will need:
-Plastic eggs
-Construction paper
-Pipe cleaners
-Googly eyes
-Mini pom poms
You will also need a glue gun, scissors and a marker not pictured.

1) Think about what animal you want to create with your egg and choose an egg colour.

2) Glue on your feet so it will stand by it's self. You may use four pom poms or cut out a feet shape from construction paper. Hot glue the feet to the egg.
3) Sierra made a pink pig first. After gluing on her feet she glued on a gem to be the pig's snout. She then used the marker to dab on the nostrils.
4) Next she glued on googly eyes. She made a tail by wrapping a piece of pipe cleaner around a thin marker. The ears were cut from construction paper and glued on.
5) The animals are only limited by your/their imaginations. My girls made many different animals.

 Aayla making a mouse

Kodey made an owl

Sierra also made a monster to play with my Minion
The cutest creation I think was Sierra's carrot. First she glue paper cut like grass strips and rolled it, then glued it to the top of her orange egg.
 Next she glued on some eyes.

 Then drew on a mouth to make him look surprised.
 And proceeded to have a munch on him for a snack!

I love all the animals (creations) they made!
Have you ever recycled your plastic eggs into crafts? What did you make?


  1. These are adorable! I love that you set out the materials and let their imaginations take over!

    1. Thanks Emma! They had a lot of fun with these :)

  2. I'm delighted to be a new email follower so I don't miss a thing! We are both mothers of three daughters, however mine are now also the mothers of my six grandchildren. Your site has a wealth of clever, usable ideas. I see you employ the same "teaching" style that I do too. Just put things out there and let the kids explore and enjoy! I'm very happy to have found you!

    1. Aww thank you for your sweet comment J. Sometimes I wonder if people get much use out of my little space on the web so it is very nice to hear that others enjoy following along with us and it's not just a documentation of our days. :)


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