Friday, March 21, 2014

Got Seeds? Try these gardening ideas

Seeing yesterday was the first day of Spring (even though we are still covered in snow here in Ontario), Spring growth and planting is on my mind.

This weeks Got? Series is Got Seeds? Try these gardening ideas. A list of mainly kid friendly gardening ideas (lots are great for adults only too) for you to help prepare for this years growing season. As always click on the picture to go straight to the DIY for each activity.

First learn a bit about what benefits garden with children has in this post. You will want to start gardening with your children or in your childcare centre right away!

Grow beans in baggies on a window 
(I have also seen these grown in CD cases but I do not remember where)

Learn how to easily start a garden on your window sill

Make your own seed pots to start your seeds in from newspaper

Start seeds in toilet paper rolls

Start seeds in eggshells

Make Mason Jar planters

Start seeds in these sweet turtle planters with pom poms and recyclables. Aren't they just adorable?

Make and grow grass heads

Funny face planters...these would be fun to do for growing grass 
if you didn't want to do the grass heads above.

While searching for garden markers there were so many to choose from so I have listed a variety so you have lots to choose from yourself. Some are easier then others, some more durable and a few are more adult orientated.

Painted rock garden markers

Beaded garden markers

Recycle juice lids into garden markers

Dinosaur garden markers

Wooden stick garden gnome markers

This plant marker DIY uses wooden shims but it comes with a printable for various foods just in case you can't use your original seed packets due to them not being empty.

Paint stick plant markers

DIY Hammered spoon garden markers

Fun foam garden markers

Make a fence around your garden to create a border and keep toys and balls out of the growing area...
and maybe even smaller pets.

I love this painted brick border for a links to an instagram picture so no DIY 
but it's an awesome idea.

Make an elephant watering can from milk jugs

Make a garden tool caddy for kids from a milk jug

DIY Tin can planters

Try plastic toy planters

Learn when to sow and plant your seedlings

Make a simple garden teepee

Plant sunflowers to make a fun fort area for kids

Top ten plants for children's gardens

This picture links to a site which links to many ideas for creating a butterfly friendly garden

Make a pizza garden...what kid doesn't like pizza?

Recycle tires into a garden of planters

Build a green house...3 designs to choose from...not a full DIY but you get the idea.

Make your own rain barrel

Info on storing seeds for future years

Want some ideas on what to plant where? This site is free to join and helps you plan a square foot garden and lots of planting tips and tricks.

So will you be planting a garden this year? Do your kids help you in your garden or do they have their own fun creative garden space?

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