Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Is it Spring yet? I am missing the warm sunshine on my face and flip flops on my feet.

Today we had a snow-squall pass through Wasaga Beach. I didn't take a picture but you could literally not see the river from our window. This whole winter has been full of snow and bitter coldness. We have tried to embrace winter and have gone tobogganing, more tobogganing, snowmobiling and even enjoyed the Wasaga Beach Sledfest. However since mid November it has been bitterly cold. Not just cold but bitterly cold with windchill factors for feel like temperatures of -40!
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I started thinking about this time last year. There was still snow on the ground but NOT like this year. This time last year we were able to go out on walks still. We were able to make it to Springwater Park (March 14, 2013) while the animals were still there and we had a blast. It was cold and wintery but much more bearable for an anti winter person like myself.
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The picture above shows the little pond at the park totally thawed. Meanwhile our river in the back and the Great Lakes all remain frozen so far this year and show little signs of thawing. Supposedly the lakes are more frozen then they have been since 1971.

We arrived in Ontario at the tail end of winter in 2012. We drove out and arrived the first week of April and the snow was all melted and our first Easter weekend in Ontario was sunny (I fear we will still have snow this year the first week of April). 

What we left was BC winters and we were having walks in weather like this on March 24th 2012.

Everyone assures us that this winter has been abnormally long and abnormally cold. Even though this is probably true it brings little comfort to me as I looked out the window earlier today and saw yet another snow squall. 

I try to always stay positive but this winter has been long. It has been hard and it is wearing on me. I am so over winter. I am looking forward to the arrival of spring. To be able to get out of the house and wander the trails and discover new hikes and see the new growth. To feel the sunshine on my face and be able to pack the boots away and bring out the flip flops. 

So is Spring going to be here soon? 

How has the winter been where you live? Is it a typical winter or colder than usual? How do you keep the winter blues at bay? 

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