Saturday, March 8, 2014

Toronto ComiCon 2014 with kids

Last night we went to the Toronto ComiCon for opening night, with our girls aged 6 and 7.

We parked about 2 blocks away and walked. We found parking for $10 which was cheaper then we expected to find being down town Toronto near an event. While walking we passed the new Ripleys Aquarium (which we hear is expensive but excellent) and also the CN Tower.
Sierra recognized the CN Tower instantly, "look there's the tower we saw (at the Legoland Discovery Centre ) the other day. It really is big".

We took a bit of a round about walk but finally got into ComiCon which was 3 floors down in the South building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Admission for Friday night was $15 each per adult. Kids are $10 each unless you print this coupon as we did and they get in free (limit 2 kids per adult).
I have never been to ComiCon before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Sierra is really into Minecraft these days so it was our hope we may find some fun Minecraft stuff. However everything Minecraft that we saw you can basically find at Toys R Us. A few different things but everything Minecraft was very pricey (more pricey than even Toys R Us).

There were tons and tons of comic books for sale, many illustrators with prints for sale and lots of handmade goodies as well as collectible memorabilia for sale.

There were quite a few people dressed up but not as many as I expected. I thought there would have been a lot more. Perhaps Saturday is a bigger costume day. We considered dressing up ourselves but didn't decide to go until we were too short on time to create our costumes. We will dress up next time and already have our costumes in mind so we have lots of time to create them.

Sierra discovered a couple of new loves while at ComiCon. She fell in love with all the steam-punk jewellery. The vendors were all very gracious and extended invitations to the girls to touch, try and play with their creations. They were like magpies attracted to all the sparkly, shiny bits of steam-punk goodness.

Sierra discovered another interest at ComiCon and that was a fascination for swords and knives. She spent a fair bit of time just in awe over all these swords. She loved the fact that she was allowed to touch them, hold them and admire their craftsmanship. She would have bought one in a heartbeat but they were a little bit out of her price range.

I found it very interesting though that she respected and admired their beauty. She didn't see them as a weapon but as a thing of beauty. She did however say it would be funny if she put the blood tattoo someone gave her on the tip of the sword. The man who crafter the swords cracked up. He said, "that was the most awesome thing" he's heard in a long time. I guess her new found appreciation of the swords probably comes from her love of Minecraft.

Something Sierra didn't find very amusing were the Zombie babies.

I kind of liked these...I've seen them before on facebook and I think they would be awesome as the camper bedding...yes we are Walking Dead fans...
Someone drew Aayla a cartoon character to promote his comic book but neither of them were very interested in purchasing one.

Next the girls tried their hand at a new App that was just launched last night. It's free this week in the App Store but is only available for iPad at the moment. We haven't down loaded it yet but if you want to it is called Shuyan the King Fu Princess.

Aayla loved seeing all the people dressed up and stopping to ask them to take a picture with them.

This Batman was funny. After we took the picture he turned around, showed the girls the Joker mask behind him and said, "if you see this guy punch him in the nose for me". About 5 minutes later Sierra saw someone dressed up as Joker (he was very tall) and went over to him, looked wayyyy up, raised her fists and said, "I can punch him"! My spunky mighty girl trying to help out batman.

 When Aayla saw the Ghostbusters she didn't recognize them but when we told her who they were she was so excited and screamed out "Ghost Busters! I love that song"!

Sierra wasn't into getting her picture taken with anyone but she had a mild fascination with R2D2. Aayla was scared of him at first. She didn't like how this noisy robot was making sounds, lights and kept moving towards here. She eventually gained her courage and even "pet" him.

Aayla loved the Storm Troopers and I must say they were the friendliest Storm Troopers we have ever met. When we were at Disney they would just stand around looking stern. These ones laughed and joked around a bit. They must have been happy it was Friday :) Look he even held her hand!
 Aayla sat in the Emperors chair. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that she liked all the Star Wars characters...afterall Aayla is a Jedi knight.

So all in all ComiCon with kids was a great family event and we are looking forward to the next event. There is a kids ComiCon in NY in May if you are interested and there is a day and a half still left to visit this years Toronto ComiCon.

Have you been to ComiCon? Did you take your kids? What did everyone think?


  1. Looks like you all have been having a lot of out-and-about fun. We're going to a children's museum that we've never been to this week. It's always interesting to me to see what activities my kids gravitate towards. they always seem to surprise me!

    1. Yes we are trying to get out and about...out of the house and out of the cold :) Indoor fun to get rid of some of the cabin fever brewing. Our sun is shining but it is still so cold here. I am so ready for the warmth of spring!

      Children's museum sounds fun we haven't been to one of those in a long time. My girls could stay at those all day no problem.


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