Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Elf on the Shelf snowball fight and Gingerbread Houses for Littlest Pet Shops

Oh my! What a surprise we woke up to this morning. Sierra was the first awake and let out a huge shriek when she saw a trail of mini marshmellows on the ground. It lead from the kitchen counter where we found the open bag of marshmallows over to our winter seasonal table in the living room.

 Here we found Elfie caught red handed using the mini marshmallows and having a snowball fight. It looks like all the elves teamed up with Elfie against everyone else as they were cowering behind the mountain as the fairies and reindeer approached and let me tell you...they didn't look pleased!

The girls were very happy that Elfie didn't use the whole bag of marshmallows because we were planning on making Rice Krispie squares today...and as far as that trail of marshmallows goes...the human vacuums ate them up straight off the floor!

Today's countdown to Christmas activity was to make gingerbread houses for the girls Littlest Pet Shops and friends. I saw the activity HERE on Inner Child Fun. There is a DIY on the site for houses that looked like this:
 However my girls thought brown houses were boring and they wanted to make theirs pink, purple and green...not quite what I envisioned; not even Christmasy... but they still turned out cute.

We used empty juice containers as the house base and covered them with fun foam.
 Then decorated the houses...inside and out :)
 With fun foam, Sharpies, glass baubles, pom poms, mosaic shapes and gems.

So even though they aren't typical gingerbread house colours...they are 100% the girls creations. They spent over an hour and a half making them and even longer playing with them today.

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