Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox

This morning I was lying in bed snuggling under the warm blankets on a bitter cold morning when

this dailouge happened:

Ian: Sierra come quick there's a fox!

Sierra: Where?

Me: What? You call her, what about me? Where's my camera!

Ian: It ran straight across the river right towards the bottom of the I rush past with camera in hand in my jammies and only boots... on a freezing cold morning

Ian: Hurry Sierra get your coat so you can see it

Me: No stay here I need a picture...yells from top of stairway to river back at house

Ian: I thought Sierra would like to see what a real fox looks like since she likes that song what does a fox say...

Me: I mean just please come quietly so he doesn't get scared...running down stairs

Ok I know when it comes to trying to take pictures of uncommon wildlife I loose my head a should see me jump out of cars to try to get photos of bears! Drives my husband crazy!!!

By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs he was running way down the river...can you spot him here?

He did cross back over though and I got a few shoots which needed to be highly cropped and are grainy so no not National Geographic quality for sure! But I captured our Fantastic Mr Fox nonetheless.

 Until he disappeared into the cover of the forest once again.

Goodbye Fantastic Mr Fox...thankyou for your short visit leaving only tracks behind a memory to be cherished forever.
Well that's not true he deposited something else at the bottom of the stairs but I didn't figure you'd want to see a picture of that :)

Only one other time in my life have I seen a wild fox and that was as a young girl ridding the neighbours horse down a country road in Torbrook Mines Nova Scotia where I grew up. A fox darted out from the forest and ran along the ditch for a few seconds and darted back in the woods again. No camera near by that time.

I have always like foxes since then. Probably in part to do with loving the book Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl as a child. Here's the cover from the vintage book.

If you've never read this book please take a look HERE for a wonderful walk through of the story and illustrations from this wonderful vintage storybook.

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