Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Elf on the Shelf's adventures and recap of our past week

Here's a recap of odds n ends we've been up to this past week and a well as our elf on the shelf's adventures.
Got caught sneaking a gumball
Reindeer joyriding
Checking in with Mr Toad
Having a stroller ride with Santa gnome
in the middle of a good read...Hold onto your kids by Gordon Neufeld
he made an enjoyed a little swing
Toilet papered the tree!!!
View of the full toilet papered tree.
He hid in the tree sitting on Santas knee
He played a game of angry birds
He's been busy and sometimes up to no good! Sierra was hoping he'd toilet paper our tree again and he got us good! It's her favourite every year.

Other things we've been up to this week...

Aaylas been practicing her ABC printing and trying to build up her pincer grip. She come a long way in the past couple weeks.
 Aayla did some number ordering and cutting practice while Sierra worked on Christmas word syllables.
 We made snack necklaces and chocolate covered popcorn for a movie night.

 We made Christmas tree waffles together for supper and had a picnic under the Christmas tree.

 We baked cookies at a friends house and set up all his lego people in I Spy games.

 We made reindeer icecream cones for dessert one night.

Aayla practiced wrapping presents with already wrapped presents from under the tree.
 Then she moved onto making forts with the rest of the wrapping paper roll.

We've also been busy playing in the snow, playing petshops and lots of games. And we've been very busy making our Christmas gifts but you'll have to wait until after Christmas to see those :)

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