Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Campfires

Yesterday was our neighbours birthday so instead of watching Polar Express tonight as we planned we celebrated together with a winter campfire. Sierra added one of those packets that make rainbow flames for a special touch.

While the fire was building the kids made a snowfort in the cover of their plough.

Then had a snowball fight...the snow falling looks like missiles flying by!
Sierra and daddy went for a short ride on their snowmobiles.
 And when the rest of the kids went inside...Aayla stayed out to play soccer with their dog...literally. It was funny to watch Aayla hit or kick the ball and have the dog return it to her :)

The warmth from the fire and the snowball fight had no effect on the veggie tray though...
Despite the cold is was a warm celebration...happy 39th, no 38th, or was it 29th again Tina!

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