Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tottenhams Polar Express at the South Simcoe Railway

Aayla's love of trains...started before her second birthday which she asked to be a Thomas theme... and her love of trains has lasted.

We constantly have Thomas or Rosie or James underfoot. She constantly sings the theme songs to Thomas and Chugginton. One of her Favourite books is called Chugga Chugga POO POO (a potty training train book by Discovery Toys). When she gets her hair cut she sits in the Thomas seat. Our family rooms no matter which house we were in always had/has a train track running somewhere in it and I knew this year as one of our countdown to Christmas activities I wanted to go on a Santa Train ride.

I heard the Santa Train in Orangeville is very good but in mid November it was already sold out. I found THIS ONE but it was first come first serve and I didn't want to drive that far and chance not getting on. So I continued searching and found the South Simcoe Railway offered a Santa Train...and yes they had space left!

Our departure was set for 11:30 and our train arrived shortly after we did at Tottenham station.
Christmas Caboose
Cars of old trains from days gone by around the station.
 Our train's engine and the car we were in
 Aayla and her Polar Express ticket.
 Getting ready to board the train
and one of us all squeezing int :)
All aboard!

 Let the fun and games begin.
Andrew was the first to note the small print on the ticket... take note of #4.

 Sierra taking a picture of Santa as we wait for him to arrive.
 And it wasn't long before we heard his Ho Ho Ho...

We were the first ones Santa came to visit...special for sure...but that left us with 45 minutes to ride the train and keep the girls occupied. The conductor came shortly after Santa left to check our tickets.
 After that it was just winter scenes as we rode up the track and straight back again down the same track ( I was thinking it was a loop).
cows in a pasture
A train crossing the bridge as we went under it
a meandering river for parts of the ride
With everything covered in snow, and most of the ride looking into peoples backyards, after seeing Santa the hight light of the trip was over for the girls. Aayla even asked at one point in time, "mommy when do we go on the train ride"??? Not so exciting after all for my little train lover.

Sierra got to practice her selfies picture taking skills and then it was a whole lot of I Spy.

 And then it was over and time to head home to guessed it The Polar Express.

And I'll leave you with one last pic...a blast from the past of Aayla with her 2nd birthday cake :) My how time flys by!

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