Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo

While visiting Seattle this past weekend we visited the Woodland Park Zoo. Compared to our Vancouver Zoo I was very impressed. Plus with our membership to Carlsbad Living Desert Zoo we got in for FREE! Click HERE to read about our day at Carlsbad Zoo on my travel blog from this past summer. Our all time favourite zoo is still the Tampa Lowry Zoo in Florida. Click HERE to see our day there. If you visit central Florida and have kids...make sure you go. We got way more then our monies worth there.

Now onto our day at Woodland Park Zoo! It was a rainy and cool day but a lot of the animals were out including this whole family of monkeys right at the zoo entrance :)

Deciding which path to take and what animals to see first

 This elephant was fun to watch. He kept tossing mud on his back, 
then he'd roll around and get back up and toss some more.

 We got to see this Tapir excitedly run back and forth through this little swimming hole.

"Come on lets get going"

 plotting out the path

There were lots of wonderful sculptures all over the zoo. 
Here the girls timidly explore a wolf den with baby wolf sculptures.
 Isn't this bear a beauty :)

Aayla loving this river otter sculpture

 Feeding the birdies

 This little guy 
reminds me of the story Verdi

In the outdoor woodland playground there were these turtle shells 
so the girls could pretend to be Franklin :)

 Sierra loved climbing on this big spider web. 
It reminded me of Eric Carles the Very Busy Spider
All in all we enjoyed our rainy wet zoo day!

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