Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seattle Children's Museum

I'm a bit behind...this weekend we took a trip to Seattle.
and we went to the Children's Museum. The girls had a great time. They loved Global Village where they explored different cultures.

Having fun sewing
Making music 
 Visiting the different homes. 
Here Aayla makes herself comfortable in a bed in Japan.
 and Sierra checks out the kitchen
 Can you tell Aayla likes beds??? Here she climbs in with Mama Bear and lays down for a little rest.
Night Night Mama Bear
They went on an ocean adventure

 and joined in a dance party

 Come on Grammy...join us!

Then we headed to Discovery bay
 Time for lunch...the food court area had pint sized table and chairs for the kids...a great idea!
Then we went back in to the Lego/Block area. For some reason both girls were more interested in the duplo then the lego.
 I LOVE these duplo walls. It was one of the things I used to always looked at in the catalogues for daycare but never bought so playing with it was lots of fun! (I have an idea to make one of these at home. We have duplo alphabets which these would be perfect for)
 Aayla spent a lot of time riding the cars around.
Sierra posing in front of mural in the lego room
Next we headed to La Cocina del Cacto which was Aaylas favourite. 
She could have stayed in here for hours!

Here Aayla makes a smoothie :) 
 And delivers it to an awaiting customer
 Next Sierra brings in some tacos
 Yum yum
 Oh my grammy sure will be full after this meal
Then it was off to the Theatre
 And learning about the behind the scenes areas like pulling the drapes 
and using the lights and sound box.
 Then it was time to do some shopping. This was a fun area but I was disappointed with it as the store area in the San Antonia Childrens Museum we went to in the summer was amazing!!! (See my post HERE if you want to see our time we spent there).

 Sierra filling her cart FULL of bread products
 And then weighing them all...oh my!
Then we were on to the Construction Zone where Aayla 
had more fun laying out all the pieces on the floor in lines
 Then they measured the lines
 Here Sierra is collecting paintcans...but these paint cans were food to feed her cows???
 Then it was time to hop on the bus and head back to the hotel :)
All aboard!

 My girls can not walk by leaves without picking up a handful :)

 Night night Space looked so pretty lit up and framed by the colourful leaves.

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