Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter Rabbit Book + Craft=FUN

It snowed briefly here the other day and is disappearing almost as quickly as it arrived. With the snow comes feelings of winter especially since the leaves have all fallen and their limbs are all bare. Fall is my favourite season. I LOVE when all the the leaves change from their greens to their warm oranges, reds and yellows, and when the sunlight is just is perfect! If it weren't for the Christmas season I would not like winter at all with it's snowy cold and wind...even here in Southern BC I get cold. (I grew up in Nova Scotia and left partly due to the cold winters)

Since I was feeling a little glum from the weather I decided I should try to make the snow positive and I looked towards the book shelf for inspiration. What better way to beat the winter blues then to be inspired by the horrid white stuff!

I haven't dug out all the winter items yet but we did have a copy of Winter Rabbit by Patrick Yee on our bookshelf.
So we read the story and then got out some paper, glue, scissors, markers, pastels, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, something for the nose (we glued on a pink pony bead) and set to work.

First I let the girls pick out a rabbit shape from the book and drew it for them.(your child could draw their own rabbit if they want or you could trace a picture from the book if you prefer) and they cut them out, glued them onto a piece of blue construction paper and covered the rabbit by gluing on cotton balls. Add a face to your bunny with googly eyes, pony bead and a pipe cleaner mouth.

Use the pastels to draw on snowflakes falling down. + craft. Easy fun for any afternoon! The girls had so much fun we are going to do Book+Craft=FUN on a regular basis so check back soon for more book + craft posts!! Enjoy