Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

We have had a fun filled day full of Halloween celebrations. I must say we love Halloween and I have been pleasantly surprised by how Sierra's elementary school handles Halloween. A lot of schools now a days cancel Halloween altogether or have an orange and black day or something similar.

So when the notice came home last week inviting all the parents to their Halloween parade where the kids could wear whatever they wanted...including masks (which was important to Sierra since she has wanted to be Darth Vader since she fell in love with THIS Volkswagon Super Bowl commercial).

So we spent the afternoon in Sierras class having lunch, watching the school parade

and then had a spooky snack together. One of the mom's in Sierra's class is a pastry chef and made these cute little cupcakes for the party. For you locals looking for some treats that look almost too good to eat you can visit her website here (link coming sorry I don't have it right now).

Then we went to pick up Aayla early. Their party was just winding down. Janine from the Centre for Child Development was visiting Aayla and her speech support worker to see how things were progressing and posed for a picture with Aayla.

then it was time to head home,
 have supper, add our graveyard to the front yard,

and head out Trick or Treating!

 When the bags got too heavy we headed for home.
 To sort out the loot!!!
Hope you all had a SAFE and Happy Halloween!