Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Coffee Filter Snowflakes

I'm trying to embrace the fact that winter is on it's way and put a fun spin on the white stuff the kids love so much! Since our snow outside is melting the girls asked if we could bring some inside so we decided to make some snowflakes.

Here is a super simple way to make snowflakes. An easy twist to the regular paper ones :)

All you need is coffee filters and scissors to make them (wax paper, white glue, sprinkles, paint brush and water if you want to complete the activity how we did). Younger kids may want to draw on their design with a marker or pencil first before cutting.

First follow the picture below to fold your coffee filter. Fold the filter in half, then half it again, and then once more. Now you can either draw on a design to cut or cut freehand. I usually just freehand it but I drew one to give you an idea for design. Open up your snowflake carefully and see what master piece you have created.

Take note of the bangs...and don't turn your back on a 5 year old with scissors...
she may get static hair and decide to cut it out!!!

When finished we decided to give them a bit of sparkle so we glued them onto wax paper with a diluted glue solution of about half white glue and half water. Then we brushed the glue solution onto the wax paper. Don't worry, the solution will bead a bit as the wax paper is too smooth. Lay down the snowflake carefully and then brush on a layer of the glue mixture. Sprinkle with glitter.

Allow to dry and then cut around the snowflake and hang in your windows, or walls or where ever you want. You could make smaller ones which would be perfect for tree ornaments.

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