Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mushroom Math tutorial and More

In case you missed it I wrote a post a little while ago called Muscaria Mushroom Madness which you can read HERE. 

Since finding all those mushrooms to photograph I have been in a mushroom mood :) This week I made a Mushroom Math game. It only took a few minutes to make and is super simple to make and lots of fun play for your little ones. Good math skills and good fine motor skills too. For fun kids could use chopsticks to add the pom poms.

All you need is
-construction paper (red, green and white)
-glue stick, scissors, marker
-15 white pom poms for 5 mushrooms (coloured ones work too!)
-My pattern or draw your own

Here's my pattern. Use can use it or draw your own mushrooms.

1) Cut out 5 red mushroom caps, 5 white stalks and 5 white  ring pieces.
2) Glue the stalk to the bottom of a green piece of paper.
3) Glue the ring piece to the bottom of the red cap and then glue on top of the stalk.
4) Write the numerals 1 to 5 on the base of each stalk.
5) Provide a bowl of at least 15 pom poms.

6) Children count the pom poms and put the correct number of pom poms on each mushroom cap.

If you want to study mushrooms a bit more here is a great diagram to learn the parts of a mushroom.

As well as this sweet puzzle which can be found HERE by mamaroots on Etsy.

We also made little mushroom treasure boxes.

To make them paint the outside of little wooden bowls red and the insides white.

Then add dots ontop of the red. We used the end of a paintbrush.

Paint a small wooden vase white to be the stalk and allow everything to dry.

When they are dry you can hide small treasures inside :)

We added our new treasure boxes to the rest of our wooden goodies and have had a great week of playing.

I LOVE our wooden toys maybe even more then the girls do! All of our wooden goodies come from many artists on Etsy. Some of my favourites are Mamakopp, Mamaroots, Jalu Toys, Pretty Dreamer, Rjabinnik, Little Red Whimsy, and Your Inspired.