Thursday, February 3, 2011

A sweet treat for Valentines Day

Aren't these beautiful??? I just loved making THESE and we had so much fun making them that they inspired me to make this years Valentines. They are super simple and lots of fun to make as well as give and receive. A winner all around in my books!

First you will need to gather your supplies:
  • Paint and brushes(I used tempera paint for these but the liquid water colours I used in the earthday flowers was much better)
  • newspaper & cardboard (we love to recycle our cereal boxes for is the perfect weight)
  • A marker/pen & 3 objects to trace to make circles (I used a glass, a bowl and some tape. You want each circle to be about 1/4 bigger then the first)
  • Scissors to cut, tape
  • And not pictured you will either need green paper for the leaves or you could paint newspaper green instead and last but not least,,,some yummy suckers
Have your children paint full sheets of newspaper in any colours you choose. We used pinks, reds and whites to keep with the Valentines theme but you could choose any colours. It's a great way to experiment with colour mixing :)

Sierra enjoyed trying to paint without using her hands (above) and all our sheets of newspaper drying (below)

While the paint is drying you can make your templates. You will need to trace around your 3 objects that are each about 1/4 size bigger then the first, onto your cardboard and then cut them out.

When your painted papers are dry, use your templates to trace the 3 circles per Valentine onto your painted dry papers and cut them out. You will also need to make some green leaf shapes that are joined together, but wide enough to have room to poke your sucker through still. (see below)

To assemble your Sweet Treats, lightly crumple your 3 sizes of circles, uncrumple and push a sucker through the centre of the smallest circle, repeat with the medium circle and the largest circle.

Next push the sucker stem through the centre of the green leaves and add a tiny bit of tape to the bottom to hold the leaf in place.

You can leave the leaves plain or write Happy Valentines on them. (this is easier to do if you do the writing before you push the stem through) If you don't like the words showing on the front, you can write them on the underside of your leaves :)

We hope you give these a try. They are very simple, yet elegant. Easy for even a two year old but I think these would be fun for an 8 year old too! Enjoy!


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