Wednesday, February 23, 2011

homemade cardboard blocks

At Christmas time my girls ate box after box of these Mandarin Oranges. I wasn't complaining...they were a great cheap healthy snack. I wish they would sell them all year long!
We turned the boxes inside out and used some of them as gift boxes at Christmas and the girls decorated them with markers and stickers and ribbon. I neglected to get any photos :(

The other day as I was about to finally squash them and put them out in the recycling as I was getting tired of looking at them all piled up on top of my kitchen cabinets, Aayla must have read my mind and she pointed to them. I brought one down to show her they were empty as I assumed she wanted to eat them but she started to pile them up. She must have spent a good 45 minutes playing with these. Before we sold the daycare THESE blocks (click) made by Melissa and Doug were some of her favourite toys to play with so it shouldn't really surprise me that she invented her own!

Fun to eat, fun to stack, fun to count, fun to knock down and start all over again :)

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