Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Annual Jamaican Getaway

My husband and I have just returned from our annual getaway sans children... we spent a wonderful week in JAMAICA!

I must admit it is really nice to have 1 week a year where we can devote our time and attention 100% to eachother! I wish we could do it a couple times a year as it is so important to rekindle the flame even if it isn't flickering. We have chosen Valentines week to be our special week but we also devout time to each other on a daily basis as well. I think that is why after 12 years our love is still so strong. We cherish our love, we appreciate each other, we consider each others needs even amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

This is actually only our second getaway year as before then my girls were too little to leave and feel comfortable (now 3 and 4). I am fortunate that I also have a 22 year old Meadow, who offers to watch them now 1 week a year so we can go. Thank you again Meadow! You are the best!!!

We had a wonderful week soaking up the sun together. We stayed in Negril and on Valentines day went for a lovely walk along 7 Mile Beach. The sand was wonderful, the sun was amazing and the shells were plentiful too. I was so excited to find my conch shell. There were all kinds of them lying along one stretch of the beach without the tips but mine is all intact with only a few minor blemishes and I LOVE it!

Even though it was sunny and warm for us in Jamaica, it was windy and we were only able to go snorkeling once. We saw lots of sea urchins and small fish. Nothing too exciting but still lots of fun!

Last year when we spent our Valentines week away we did many excurions everyday (Duns River, and Horseback riding 3 times), but this year we just enjoyed the peacefulness of eachothers company...spending time together, discussing where we want to take our future, enjoying the sun and relaxation, our beach walks and we did take a sunset cruise on our last night. The perfect end to a fairytale week.

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  1. That looks FABULOUS. I'm glad you had fun!


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