Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A year of choice

I just discovered this blog "Family Life" and her post HERE about A YEAR OF CHOICE.

And had to pass it on, what a wonderfully amazing idea. Something I try to live by. I believe our lives are what we make of them. I believe that true happiness comes to those who believe in it. I believe we are in control of our own destinies in each choice that we make in life. What a wonderful way to give ownership to it. To be proud of the choices we make, to encourage us to make better choices, to learn to except the choices we do make... A Year of Choice...YES I am in, will you join too?

2010 was a year we had to make many choices...

We made a choice to close our daycare/educational/toy supply store in August. I was working way too much and couldn't have a minute to myself, rarely saw my family, was missing seeing my children grow up as an hour in the evenings wasn't enough! We chose to sell it and gain more family time.

In September we chose to sell the daycare as well. We were made an offer and couldn't refuse as it would give us even more time for family time.

In December my husband quit his job to go back to school part time to finish his engineering degree. The proceeds from the daycare sale allow us to not worry about working for the next few years which enables us to even more family time.

Last week we chose to buy a travel trailer so we can spend four months this summer between my husbands school terms, on the road. How amazing will that be.... a cross Canada, cross USA 4 month trip. Now where must we travel and what must we see...any suggestions?

We are happy with these new choices and look forward to our upcoming choices in the days to come!